Ningxia’s Preferential Innovation and Entrepreneurship Policies for Overseas High-caliber Talents

1. Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region to Introduce Overseas High-caliber Talents of Science and Technology Innovation Entrepreneurship Interim Measures


Applicable for: Personnel who have obtained master’s degree or above from abroad, either government-funded or self-financed (including those joined the foreign nationality or obtained permanent residence) as well as personnel who obtained PHD in China, but have been engaging in research work overseas. For masters, their age should not surpass 50, and PHD should be younger than 55 years old. All of the talents are expected to work in Ningxia for at least 6 months each year after their introduction and be in accordance with one of the following conditions:


(1)Capable of undertaking major scientific and technological project or vital tasks concerning scientific research and management in key scientific and technological project as well as solving key or common technical problems and difficulties in technological operation, or hold the product of independent innovation and with market development prospect. Have strong product development capability as well as experience of undertaking major or key scientific and technological projects of Ningxia overseas.   


 (2) Distinguished in research field and published influential academic papers in key international journals in recent 5 years. Have won international scientific and technological awards, equipped with superior experimental skills or mastered key technologies in science and engineering construction.


 (3) Possess outstanding research achievement which could promote independent innovation, upgrading of technology and products as well as bring benefits for the enterprises; have made remarkable achievements in enterprise management and market development; have certain experience in financial management and capital operation and been influential in the working field.


 (4) Own the patent, invention or proprietary technology with high technical content and market development prospect, which could fill the blank of Ningxia and be industrialized; Familiar with the industry and international rules, have operation and management capability as well as entrepreneurial experience abroad; Self-owned capital (include technology investment) or overseas venture investment should take more than 35% of the venture capital investment.


Preferential policies:

(1) The introduced talents who implement industrial transformation or engaged in high-tech research and development project in Ningxia with the high-tech achievements and projects that they bring in, could receive a certain amount of fiscal support funding for innovation and  entrepreneurship, in case their projects are in conformity with Ningxia’s industry development orientation.


(2)The introduced talents should be provided CNY80,000 to100,000 resettlement subsidy and at least 120┫housing by employers as well as get certain amount of allowance from local government. Given that the introduced talents choose to work in Ningxia after 5 consecutive years, they will get the housing property. In addition, the employer could purchase commercial supplementary insurance for the talents on the basis of carrying out their social security procedures.


(3)For talents who engage in postdoctoral scientific research workstation and postdoctoral mobile research station can receive CNY100, 000 research fund from the provincial financial grant, if they work for consecutive 2 years in Ningxia. Given that they would like to stay in Ningxia after the 2 years’ contract expires, and sign a new contract which is above 5 years, each year they could receive CNY50, 000 research fund from the provincial financial grant in 5 successive years.


(4)The assessment of talents’ professional technical qualifications of introduced talents is not subject to their previous professional and technical qualifications, terms of working as well as available positions and quota. They could be employed by corresponding professional positions and qualifications according to their experience, practical level, capability and performance both at home and abroad.


(5)Given that the talents’ spouses accompany them and would like to work in Ningxia, the employer should appropriately arrange their work. If there is no job available at the moment, the employer should properly provide living allowances for the spouses, which is in accordance with the average wage of the organization. The spouses’ labor relations can be affiliated to local state owned talent exchange service center for free. For talents’ children’s schooling, they could choose to study in the local public schools as they wish. The education administrative department will give priority to coordinate with them to handle the enrollment formalities.


(6)Those included in “100 Overseas Talents Introduction Plan”, will be given CNY300,000 to 500,000 fiscal subsidies once(after tax) by the autonomous government, which is used to improve the working and living conditions of the introduced talents.


2. Implementation Suggestions of Some Issues on Deepening the Reform of Talents Development System and Mechanism


(1) Universities(Professional colleges), research institutes, public hospitals and other public institutions may independently determine the basic and incentive performance-related pay, decide distribution mode on their own. For high-caliber talents who make outstanding contributions or in short supply, state-owned enterprises and institutions can implement agreement wage, annual salary, etc.


 (2) Given that public institutions introduce full-time doctors or above high-caliber personnel according to development needs, it will not being limited by the size of personnel force and proportion of post structure. Given that there is no vacant position, it can adopt the method “Priority to enter” to solve employment, establishment office, personnel department and other related departments should handle relevant formalities through “Green Channel”.


(3) Full-time introduction of high-caliber talents will be given one-time living subsidies and start-up capital of scientific research, living subsidies will be transferred into individual account by installment, start-up capital of scientific research will be transferred to the accounts of employers for talents’ exclusive use.


 (4) Full-time doctoral candidates from prestigious universities or key disciplines and specialties, can directly be employed as associate senior professional technicians through evaluation at the same year being employed.


 (5) High-caliber talents who bring scientific research achievements, projects, techniques and create technological enterprises or cooperate with other enterprises for achievements transformation can get financial support as startup capital from the local government after being evaluated.


 (6) Open up “Green Channel” of senior professional title evaluation. Direct evaluation and employment system will be implemented for introduced high-caliber talents, talents in short supply and who make outstanding contributions. The overseas professional work experience, academic or professional technological contributions of overseas high-caliber personnel who return to work and match condition can be used as reference of professional title evaluation, this type of personnel will not be limited by their domestic job title and terms of working. Talents who make remarkable achievements in scientific and technology innovation can apply for professional title evaluation without limitation of education background, qualification requirement, etc.. The professional and technical talents who make important contributions can special promotion of professional level and professional qualification level.


 (7) Foreign experts who stay for no more than 90 days (including) in Ningxia, can get exemption for work permit. Foreign experts who work four consecutive years in Ningxia, live no less than 6 months in China a year actually, have stable living security and residence, good tax records and social credit, can apply for permanent residence in China. The enterprises and public institutions who introduce foreign talents, should purchase social insurance for them, the employer and foreign experts should pay social insurance premiums according to the related regulations, which make foreign experts enjoy the social insurance treatment in accordance with law. Foreign talents leaves China within the reach of pension age, their social security accounts should be maintained, when they come back to work in Ningxia again, the number of years of paying will be accumulated. After the foreign talents submit written applications to terminate social security relations, they can get one-off payment from their individual accounts.


3. Interim Measures for Ningxia to Introduce Overseas Chinese Experts

Applicable talents: Experts who have Master’s degree or higher degree abroad, or get Master’s degree or higher degree at home and work overseas; have more than 3 years experience or engaged in field related to specialty in principle. Overseas Chinese whose specialties are in short supply for Ningxia’s economic and social development.


Overseas Chinese experts introduction project: (1) Regular project. Introduced experts work no less than 5 working days. (2)Important projects. Introduced experts work no less than 15 working days. Introduced expert team works no less than 1 month in total.


Preferential policies:The autonomous government sets CNY2,000,000 to 5,000,000 as provincial financial grant to support overseas Chinese experts introduction project.


(1) International traveling expenses ceiling of round trip for each one each time is set at CNY15,000 economy (ordinary) class. City transportation expenses ceiling of round trip for each one each time is set at CNY3,000. Business class expense should be refunded according to the fact (on special circumstances it should be agreed by Ningxia Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs).


(2) The expenses of accommodation, meal, local transportation generated by experts when they work in Ningxia should be calculated according to their working days in Ningxia, the ceiling of subsidy for each one is CNY600 each day, which lasts up to 30 days.


(3) Pocket money for experts depends on their working days in Ningxia, each one is subsidized CNY300 each day, which lasts up to 30 days.  


(4)The international prestigious experts give seminars which have great benefit can get no more than CNY3,000 half of the day as lecture fee each.


(5) The above items apply to regular projects and key projects. Besides, the employers sign the contract (agreement) with experts or expert teams which has clarified salary or consulting expenses before should pay them no more than 60% of agreed compensatory as salary or consulting expenses.


Preferential policies towards introduction talents institutions: Overseas talents introduction workstation will be paid USD500 when they successively recommend 1 overseas talent; appraisal and recognition of overseas talents introduction workstation which has outstanding performance in recommending overseas experts will be carried out regularly. Workstation which has outstanding performance will be get CNY20,000 to 50,000 one-off reward. Given that the recommended talents be selected as one of “State 1000 Foreign Experts Introduction Plan”, the recommended intermediary organization will be rewarded CNY100,000 to 500,000  provincial fiscal grant.

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